Everything We Know About the New Nancy Meyers Rom-Com

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Sinead – who also has a son, Blake, with her husband Mike Rahman – said: “My daughter is in secondary school and because we joined TikTok last year her friends are like, ‘Your mum has got so many followers on TikTok!’ The first video we did went viral. That’s how my kids measure your fame these days, the whole TikTok thing. For record labels, they can push all the old tracks. It’s funny, because now there are songs that come up on TikTok and I’ll be singing along and my kids will say, ‘Mum, how do you know that?’ I’ll go, ‘I knew that before you knew that!’

“B*Witched joined about a year ago maybe, it’s so daunting at the beginning because it’s like really, do we have to do this? But it can be fun as well. But can also be like, ‘OK, what are we gonna do?’”

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